The first set of boxes is here!

After months of designing, building, testing, and revising, the first 10 boxes are here! You can download the boxes on our website, and they are available in all the languages ​​of the partner organizations and in English.

So, what exactly did we prepare?

Through these 10 boxes, we have covered different topics from the STEAM field, and we are sure that every teacher will find something for their class.

Thus you can study the water cycle in detail, following the life of a single drop, or go back through history and learn how to use a map (the paper one). You can get acquainted with different geometric figures, and additionally study how to combine them to form Platonic solids. Every young researcher, at least once in their life, tried to connect two magnets and noticed that it is not always possible; what could be the reason? While thinking about magnets, observe the world around you and notice how ubiquitous electricity is in our lives. Get to know the colourful world of colours by studying the everyday life of three unusual tribes and discover how new colours are created. Instead of sitting in a classroom and sweating on hot summer days, take the opportunity to create your own solar device and turn the situation into something positive. While you’re out and about, study and collect different plants and learn about them in a creative way through art. The enchanting world of plants and nature is important to protect, so learn why clean oceans are important to us and how to preserve them.

All this is brought to you by our boxes, which, in addition to creative and fun experiments, also contain wonderful stories and interactive elements for storytelling, which will significantly contribute to the engagement of your students.

If we’ve intrigued you, take a quick look at our website, download your sample boxes, and be sure to let us know how it goes!

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